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Claim your free recycling bag

Claim your free recycling bag

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If you run a small or large business and operate printers then no doubt you use your fair share of ink and toner cartridges. What do you do with your empty cartridges?  If you dispose of your cartridges responsibly through a recycling agent congratulations and welcome aboard. Not only are you playing a crucial role in preventing this waste from going into landfill, but you are also adhering to new UK law banning businesses from disposing there toners or ink into the regular waste bins.  If however you discard your cartridges into the bin then please allow us to help you.

Here at UK Office Solutions we provide a completely FREE of charge recycling service. As business owners it’s your responsibility to ensure that you are safely disposing of these cartridges in the correct manner. Of course, that is not always easy when you have a business to run and you are thinking about a million and one other things. No doubt you would love a solution that you don’t have to think about and won’t cost you anything.

Responsible recycling

That is where we can help. As UK suppliers of office ink and toner cartridges we also take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. That is why we work with partners to offer a recycling solution. We offer a simple and efficient free of charge service providing recycling bags with prepaid return labels attached All you need to do to take part in our recycling system is claim your FREE recycling bag, pop your empties in the prepaid postage bag and send them back to us. It doesn’t cost you anything. Once we have received your empties we will then forward them to our recycling partners.

Win a FREE printer

Everyone that requests a free recycling bag will be entered into a draw to win a free Brother printer. For further details of this offer you can see our Facebook posts.

free printer drawer

If you wish to purchase your cartridges from us we are happy to offer you an ink or toner credit with your orders. The solution we offer works by us providing you with free recycling bags and postage. We will provide you with an optional incentive to purchase your toner/ink through ourselves by offering you a FREE of charge, high capacity cartridge with every order for every printer. It really is that simple!

How to claim your free bag

All we need is your phone number. We will then contact you to arrange delivery of your free recycling bag. It couldn’t be easier. Just pop us a message on our Facebook page or respond to one of our Facebook ads to get in touch and to be entered in the draw to win a free printer.

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