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Ink and Toner Disposal – Regulation, Environment, Health and Saving Money!

Ink and Toner Disposal – Regulation, Environment, Health and Saving Money!

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When it comes to the disposal of toner and ink cartridges it is not just a case of throwing them in the bin. There are legal requirements for business owners to deal with them in a way that doesn’t harm the environment or have an impact on health. Welcome news for a business however, is that if you recycle your ink and toner cartridges, money can be saved as well as fulfilling your legal obligations.

The WEEE Directive

The importance of disposing of ink and toner cartridges is emphasised by the changes to WEEE regulations. From January 2016, the disposal of toner and ink cartridges were covered by the updated Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive.

The Government announced that from that date, these regulations would apply to waste ink and cartridges. In practice, what these changes meant, was that waste cartridges need to be sent to an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF) for recycling.

Two years into the revised directive, most companies and organisations are now recycling cartridges and using refilled or recharged ones as part of their operations too. And with increasing emphasis on being ‘paperless’, businesses are making strides in reducing paper and ink consumption too.

Health and the Environment

Toner inks contain a dust – the dust is heated when it goes through the printing process and is sealed on the top of the paper to give the final printed document. But residual dust can be a ‘nuisance’ to health and thus, it pays to recycle these containers properly so that any potential problems with health are avoided.

Plastic has become a hot topic in recent months with ambitious new recycling targets imposed on the UK Government and local authorities. The plastic casing also takes a long time to degrade in landfill.

There is no reason why these plastic tubes and containers can’t be recharged with the same ink and reused in the printed just as a brand-new ink or toner cartridge is.

How can you recycle your ink and toner cartridges?

There are ways of disposing of empty ink and toner cartridges, from finding a local company approved to dispose of them or by recycling them with a toner and ink supply company.

When you buy toner and ink with us, you can benefit financially too. Here’s how our Print Management System works;

  • Send us a message with your contact number
  • We will call and arrange to send you a free recycling bag with the postage paid
  • Post your empty cartridge back to us
  • Order your next set of printer or toner ink from us and we will send you a free ink or toner with it.

This way each time you place an order you will always have a spare.

You save money on your ink supplies and have the peace of mind that as a business, you are meeting the WEEE directive for disposing or cartridges by sending them for recycling to an approved facility. You are also fulfilling your legal obligations as a responsible business owner/operator.

We arrange for the disposal toner and ink cartridges in line with disposal guidelines and waste regulations and you benefit from our 2 for 1 offer on toner. With such a great toner and recycling service, why not put us to the test? If you would like to order your free recycling bag simply click here and leave us your contact details.

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