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7 Surprising Things You May Struggle to Recycle

You can recycle foil right? Yes, in most cases but not all *. Surprised? You may be surprised by some of the other items on the list but there are solutions! Polystyrene Commonly used as packaging, polystyrene was invented in 1947 and burst onto the world stage as a lightweight packaging solution that prevented items [...]

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Office Recycling – 5 Things Your Office Can Recycle

As a business, you may be looking for ways to increase your office recycling efforts. Recycling and reusing are more common place nowadays in general but you could up the stakes even more with these ideas: Recycling packaging Cardboard, brown paper, you name it... it seems that the things we order for the office come [...]

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Single-Use Plastic – The Arguments and the Alternative

The use of single-plastic in packaging is now a concern for everyone and is hitting the headlines more than ever. Who can fail to be moved of photos of sea creatures entangled in plastic packaging or the images of the mountains of plastic now building up? It isn’t just about littering but about how slowly [...]

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10 Things You Can’t Recycle at the Kerbside

But CAN Recycle in other ways! Collectively, the nation’s recycling habits seem to be on the up with more of us demanding less packaging but also recyclable packaging. Unfortunately, there are many things that you can't recycle at the kerbside but there are ways of making sure it doesn’t end in landfill. 1.   Coffee pods Coffee [...]

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5 Reasons to Choose UK Office Solutions

We understand that for your business to operate and run successfully, there are many elements to consider. One of these is your office supplies and in particular your ink and toner cartridges. Here at UK Office Solutions we are committed to ensuring that we are able to provide you with the quality and service that [...]

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Why Throwing Away Office Ink and Toner Cartridges is a Bad Idea!

Although many companies do take steps to recycle as much as they can, including their office ink and toner cartridges, there are still people who believe that throwing a cartridge away is no different to recycling it. Why recycling office and toner ink cartridges is important By not recycling cartridges, in the long run, we [...]

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Claim your free recycling bag

If you run a small or large business and operate printers then no doubt you use your fair share of ink and toner cartridges. What do you do with your empty cartridges?  If you dispose of your cartridges responsibly through a recycling agent congratulations and welcome aboard. Not only are you playing a crucial role [...]

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Ink and Toner Disposal – Regulation, Environment, Health and Saving Money!

When it comes to the disposal of toner and ink cartridges it is not just a case of throwing them in the bin. There are legal requirements for business owners to deal with them in a way that doesn’t harm the environment or have an impact on health. Welcome news for a business however, is [...]

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The Importance of Recycling Office Toner Cartridges

It is estimated that around 30% of the world’s toner cartridges are recycled, leaving the rest to clutter landfill. For anyone who prefers a visual reference, this is 70 Olympic sized pools full to the brim with spent toner cartridges. In the UK, we dispose of 55 million toner and ink cartridges annually but all [...]

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